(Term expires May 31, 2023)
Christine Dobson
Joy Goodrum
Paige Hillis
Gary Westerman
Karen Zeskey
(Term expires May 31, 2024)
Glen Bieler
Gretchen Borsch
Sara Henderson
Nell Anne Hunt
Marianne Lauda
(Term expires May 31, 2025)
Kensley Cunningham
Teena Jayne Friedel
Allan Meagher
Heather Schmidt
Kyle Taylor
President — David Cole
President elect — Susan Motley
First Vice President/membership — Nikisha McDaniel
Second Vice President/programs — Judy Pierson
Third Vice President/projects — Diane Mannon
Recording Secretary — Kathleen Sargent
Corresponding Secretary — Shirley Smith
Treasurer — Gary Schepf
Historian — Kevin Kendro
Parliamentarian — Carol Little Huntley
By-Laws — Susan Motley , Chair
Executive Committee — David Cole, Chair
Finance Committee — Lea Bailey, Chair
Heritage House Committee — Lee Mosty and Nell Anne Hunt, Co-chairs
Heritage House Grounds — Oscar Ward
Heritage House Events — Sharon Barbosa Crain
Registrar — Lea Bailey
Docents — Paige Hillis
Honors and Awards Chair — Nikisha McDaniel
Nominating Committee Chair — Susan Motley
Trails & Markers Committee Chair — Jan Hart
Yearbook — Ben Toon
Board Luncheon Committee — Pam Engman
Celebrating Irving: The City and The Man — Mary Higbie
Facebook — Maura Gast
Heritage Park Committee:
—Caster Cabin — Jan Hart
—Depot — Kevin Kendro
Memorials — Susan Fairless
Parade Coordinators — Pam Brown
Presidents Committee — Lee Bailey
Public Relations Committee — Mary Higbie
Walter Harvey Project — Sharon Barbosa Crain
Website — Karen Farris
Whistle Stop Newsletter Editor — Dwane Crain
Celebrating Irving - IISD History Project — Lea Bailey
Fish Fry — Diane Mannon
Fish Fry - Cake Auction — Kathy Howard
Fish Fry - Chef — Marvin Randle
New Member Reception — Nikisha McDaniel
Vintage Valentine Tea — Joy Goodrum, Sara Henderson
Archives — Kevin Kendro
Arts and Culture Board — Debbie Fleck
Dallas County Historical Commission — Jearlene Miller
Greater Irving – Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce
Heritage District Neighborhood Association — Carol Lucas
Irving ISD Board — Rosemary Robbins
Museum Board — Sybil Novinski

Administrator — Mary Higbie
The Irving Heritage Society’s vision:

A diverse community that values its past, celebrates its present, and embraces its future.