IHS History

Settlers came to the area that is now Irving in the 1850's, and communities such as Sowers, Kit, Shady Grove, Union Bower, Finley, Estelle and Bear Creek sprang up in the last half of the century. The new town of Irving, founded in 1903 by J. O. Schulze and Otis Brown, eventually swallowed most of these settlements. Irving was officially incorporated April 14, 1914.

Schulze and Brown, who were employed by the Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf Railway, arrived in 1902 to survey a railroad route between Fort Worth and Dallas. Having decided that this area would be an ideal town site, they bought 80 acres from the Britain family in 1902. The co-founders sold the first town lots at a public auction on December 19, 1903. The post office at nearby Kit was moved to Irving in 1904. The City Council adopted author Washington Irving as the city's namesake in 1998. Local historians believe that Irving co-founders Otis Brown and J. O. Schulze decided in 1902 to name the city after Netta Barcus Brown's favorite author. Schulze, a graduate engineer from the University of Iowa and member of the Washington Irving Literary Society, also was partial to the name "Irving"

The Heritage House, one of Irving's oldest homes, was built in 1912 by C. P. Schulze for his bride, Virginia Tucker, of Dallas. C. P. was the brother of J. O. Schulze, co-founder of Irving in 1903. The home was deeded to the City of Irving to be used as a tour home in 1975 as a bicentennial gift by the Schulze heirs. After a small amount of restoration, the home was completely furnished with original Schulze (both J. O. and C. P.) family antiques, and gifts and loans from other Irving families.

The Heritage House was designated as a Texas State Historical Landmark in 1986.

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The Heritage House is located at 303 S. O'Connor Road in Irving. Tours are conducted from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. on the first Sunday of each month, except for January and February.

Living Room
  • Original Federal Period mahogany table
  • Rosewood (c. 1860 ) square piano (gift)
  • Marble bust - wedding gift of Clarence Linz Jewelers to J. O. Schulze and bride Agnes Sueppel Schulze (c. 1903)
  • Limoges, Sevres and Bavarian porcelains (original)
  • Velvet round–about chair (Mrs. Lynn Brown family)
  • “Sleep Hollow” Chair – copy of one in Sunnyside, Washington Irving's home. Belonged to J. O. Schulze

    Dining Room
  • Six antique mahogany needlepoint chairs
  • Walnut sideboard (c. 1880)
  • Havilland, Nippon china and Venetian crystal
  • Victorian hanging lamp

  • Commemorative and flow blue plate chairs
  • Antique irons and utensils
  • Golden oak table and chairs

  • Family and early Irving pictures
  • Antique telephone – John Morris Family
  • Awards and other memorabilia

    Blue Bedroom
  • Completely furnished by Irving Women's Club
  • Oak Victoria furniture from Jim Brown's • Family of South Carolina
  • Doll furniture – Mary Schulze

    Bride's Room
  • Victorian furniture – Virginia Tucker (Schulze) Family
  • “Necessary” – Opal Duckworth gift
  • Wedding gown, coat, slippers – Agnes
  • Sueppel Schulze (c. 1903)
  • Wedding gown (1870) gift of Barbara and Harry Terrill

    Music Room
  • Furniture and piano – C. P, Schulze Family (c. 1912)
  • Organ – Dr. & Mrs. Ben Thomas (c. 1880)
  • 1840 clock - C. P. Schulze (Iowa) Family
  • English farmyard mezzotint engraving - probably from the American Art Union Lottery system - loaned by Lyle Novinski family, University of Dallas

    Sun Porch
  • Wicker chairs (c. 1890s) - Tucker-Schulze Families
  • Painting of Heritage House - gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Akins
  • Majolica plant stand, etc. - gift of Miss Maisie Rogersl

  • The Irving Heritage Society’s vision:

    A diverse community that values its past, celebrates its present, and embraces its future.